1. You know, there are chemtrails, and then there’s this. Whichever vaccines gave my son autism on this scale can surely give anyone here the power to drown that bitch in his own brown sweat, closer in consistency to maple syrup than water. I want ted cruz to get his little bacon hating jew ass into power because at least being canadian he’ll have a big enough dick to release the files on Bush and what explosives he used to get rid of WTC.

    If anyone knows, put some in Trump tower, my son has gone too far.

    Fucking JFK magic freaking bullet


  2. Pretty sure that’s Ted Cruz under that mask, you can tell cause of the dried up cum-dust drifting out of his arse-hole cause Donald trumps big cock is unsettling all the stale stuff.

    so hot.


  3. You absolute turd muncher. I hope that Donald Trump bangs you after making this web site. Its not like your slippery stretched out arsehole couldn’t handle it, because I’m sure you stick things up it on the daily. Anyway, this sort of website brings dishonour on the Great Donald Trump, and his supporters. All of us white chauvinist men who love watching black people get shot in the back by white police officers do not appreciate this and we will have members of the KKK at your house by tomorrow. Top of the morning to ya and please don’t hurt me daddy. Drive safe *mwah*.


    1. You have taken the words straight out of my mouth fellow trump lover. This website continues too dishonour our Lord and Saviour Trump King, take it down now or I will take it down myself.


  4. Why? U turd lvr
    The kkk is much respectbl
    So is trump
    If the join tgther it would be da best
    No mislim no mexica no blak


  5. Putting out a call to arms Miggy Moo is a user on Disqus that is in need of some severe comment etiquette lessons here’s a link to his profile!

    We are assembling a team of very keen student to teach Mr.Moo.

    Don’t be afraid to use the tag #migglertakeover

    God bless and vote #Trump2012


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