1. This atrocious sin against our Lord and Leader Donald J Drumpf will not go unnoticed! When Jesus comes back to be our great leader’s running mate, He will strike you down you dog fucking Liberal Fag! AMERICA WILL BE GR8 Again! 420 Blaze it, Ted Cruz can suck it!


  2. jesus fuck how many of these fucking pro violence stupid fucking pictures do i have to look at

    fuck off with the goddamn fire horn rainbow porn


  3. my friend had his legs cut off to be like a puppy im happy its getting popular trump prolly fucks better now too


  4. Trump doesn’t look likes he’s into it this time.
    Probably because the black guy is in the way.


  5. Here in 2019! Looks like trump is fucking an HK Protestor. lol investigate Benghazi. Epstein killed himself change my mind. One love Salvia over and out. #driveonsalvia #creaturecomfort


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