1. Ate two boxes of Thin Mints cackling my dick off to this photo of the Trumpster trying to flimflam the Zimzam everyone knows the Zimmerwinner always gets his chicken dinner. Global warming was created by the Chinese and our armed forces are doomed because there’s no way in hell military personnel will take orders from a cum-guzzling racist with bright ideas such as building a big wall. Hitler’s favorite movie was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs it’s obvious Walt Disney is using subliminal messages from beyond the grave in his cryochamber to cram right-wing ideals down our throats while eating Trump Steaks with the big man himself. Donald Trump is missing out on the entire cockjockey demographic in this nation and the United States is doomed. Let’s make America great again!


  2. was just done jerking off to your latest video Mr.NudeCelebs glad you featured Trump in the latest one and now I see why you created this site


  3. Wow, impressive work nudecelebs! I must say, this is your finest work yet, I really appreciate how the lighting compliments Mr Trump’s features, and the little girl looks exceptionally cute. Currently bouncing on my boy’s dick to this, probably won’t stop until I’m elected president, so who knows, maybe I’ll drop out to keep going until the next election. Keep up the good work!

    – Your biggest fan, Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz


  4. Fucking fucks making fun of the glory that is Trump goddamn if I ever jerked it to transvestite midget wrestling he’ll get the inauguration. Free Jerry Sandusky.


  5. It seems to me that this website will actually garner many, many page views. Genius Eric! I’ll always hold a special place for you in my heart. Right next to the clot in my fucking pulmonary artery, you coke-snorting, ex-hipster wannabe lib-tard budgy smuggler! Check out building 7! AND CHEMTRAILS MADE ME WRITE THIS COMMENT! Hitler was a friend to the Jews and now lives inside a tea cake in space with a bunch of them, cloaked in a moon-hologram. Buzz Aldrin told me, as I bounced on my boys dick!


  6. Everyone needs a little trump goblin fucking their armpit crease from behind. DONT OPPRASS MY RIGHTS!! Let’s make America straight again ( ) )=D


  7. Hey, I think I know that guy in the back row. if that’s you lee please reply via g-mail…

    LOL JK, only dumb fucks use G-MAIL like Donald trump who looks like his tiny elephant dick is caught in that guys armpit.

    He’s got my vote.


  8. It sounds like you all are real charming racists; so I baked you something, have a slice of this KKcake, bitch. I went down on the twin towers like Syrian fundamentalists went down on their mandatory flight training. BTW feminism made me vote for Hillary Clitton because all she does is masturbate to her own cheque’s cashing #ashleymadison #doyouknowwhereyourhusbandis #billsgate


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